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What Flavored Condoms are Available Today

Condoms have been in existence since the 1500s. Through the years, they have gone through various changes thanks to the advancing technology in manufacturing them. From the pure rubber, other materials have been used to include latex, isoprene and polyurethane.

Apart from the new materials used, however, the condoms of today are also available in various sizes. There’s the standard or regular and there are also the small and large size types for those who need to use a personal protection fit for their physical body size.

But that’s not all there is to it because the condoms have become more varied these days. Adults and teens alike can now choose to get the flavored ones.

The flavored condoms were made available in the 1990s. Piete Smokke, identified as a hash dealer in Amsterdam, is credited for creating the first flavored condom. His first products were featured various flavors such as pepemoten-spicy biscuits seasoned with cinnamon, pepper and cloves. Unfortunately, they did not become a hit until a New York businessman named Mike Hawk arrived in Amsterdam.

It was Hawk who later decided to mass produce the flavored rubber for the American consumers. At first, he experimented with the cool ranchos doritos and the chili fries flavors but they were not warmly accepted owing to their bad taste and the fact that they caused users flatulence and heartburn. Eventually, he manufactured other sweet tasting flavors such as grape, chocolate, cherry, banana, mint and vanilla. There are even bubble gum flavored ones as well.

Today, Lifestyles is one brand that has this product. Its Flavors/Colors series features flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, banana, chocolate and blueberry and they come in their corresponding colors.

This new type of condom is not that expensive. You can get them from drugstores or you may purchase them as well from online retail shops.

With these flavored condoms, your sexual experience is guaranteed to be exciting and more satisfying. They add spice to your sex life. They are also safe to use for oral sex.

But then again, safe and proper use of the condom should be the top priority of any user. Keep in mind that it is only by following the right guidelines in using the rubber that an adult or teenager can be assured of being protected from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. One important step to take is to avoid using sweet flavored lubricants as they can cause irritation to the vagina.


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