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What are the Different Types of Condoms?

A lot of people think that there’s only one kind of condom which is the one used by men. There are, however, different kinds available today thanks to the existence of new materials other than the pure rubber and more advanced technology in creating the product.

Adult and teens these days have a wide choice in terms of getting a condom. This personal protection tool now comes in various textures, flavors, sizes and shapes, there’s surely one that will fit your needs. Among the top brands are Durex, Trojan, Crown and Lifestyles.

The regular condom that most people are familiar with is the elongated one with a small tip used for the men’s private part. This one used to be made from just the pure rubber but today, it is often made from the more stretchable latex material. With this new material, thinner including the super thin condoms have been made possible to provide greater stimulation for couples.

There’s also the female condom which is meant to prevent pregnancy and STD transmission, similar to the male rubber. This one is a thin sheath or pouch and is worn by the woman to cover her vagina. It features a flexible ring at the end and this part is normally inserted into the vagina to serve as a guide during penetration. A silicone-based lubricant is inside the condom but more can be added depending on the couple’s preference.

Another type of female condom is made of latex and is shorter than the other. It features a rounded triangular frame at the open end and there’s a sponge inside the closed end. It also comes with a lubricant.

The use of female condoms has significantly increased in the recent years. Some 26 million had been distributed around the world in 2009 through the efforts of governmental and non-governmental organizations. The number was more than double the figure in 2006 although it is still far less than that of the male condoms.

As for the male condoms, more than 350 million are distributed worldwide on a yearly basis. The reason is that most adults often prefer to use it owing to the fact that it’s easy to wear and provides most comfort to both men and women.

Condoms are an effective tool in preventing unwanted pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. The World Health Organization recommends using a new condom every sexual intercourse to ensure the couple’s protection.


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