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Thinner Condoms are in Fashion

When it comes to condoms, many people prefer the thinner type. For them, a condom made from the thinnest material gives them and their partners more sexual pleasure. It’s like not wearing any rubber at all.

There are several benefits to using a condom with a very thin material. Apart from the natural feel that it provides the user, it also does not have a strong smell and taste. What this means is that the user and his partner experience heightened pleasure they wouldn’t be able to enjoy when using the regular type of condom.

As this is the case, the leading manufacturers in recent years have created their own version of the thin condoms. The Trojan brand, in fact, showcased at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) its BareSkin line which boasts of the thinnest condom for the personal technology segment. The brand’s VP for marketing said BareSkin is among their most innovative and well thought of products. He credited the company’s talented engineers for doing a great job in coming up with condoms and other products that help improve the sexual experience of their customers.

Bareskin is the Trojan brand’s thinnest condom ever manufactured. Compared to the standard types, it is 40 percent thinner. This product has a silky smooth premium lubricant and low latex odor that won’t bother users instead making them more comfortable. The brand has other thin condom variants as well. These include the ultra thin, the ultra thin spermicidal, thintensity and magnum thin.

Trojan remains committed to helping people increase their pleasure and maintain their health by preventing pregnancy as well as the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. It utilizes durable latex material to ensure the reliability of their condoms. This particular condom brand has been in the market for more than 90 years making it one of the pioneers in the industry.


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