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Why Size Matters in Condoms

Condoms play a vital role in an adult’s life. It serves as protection for unwanted pregnancy and for infectious diseases. To be able to serve its purpose and enhance sexual pleasure, a user needs to get the right size.

Condoms come in different sizes today ranging from small to large and extra large. Almost all types offer various sizes so customers have a better choice.

Trojan’s small sized condoms include the ENZ lubricated which is the classic type that come with a silky smooth lubricant, the non-lubricated which is the dry type and spermicidal lubricated which is ideal for those who don’t want to cause pregnancy. Made from quality latex material, they have a length of 7.1 to 7.9 inches.

The large sized condoms are the Trojan Magnum Fire & Ice, Magnum Gold collection, Armor, Ecstacy, Thin, Warm Sensations, Twister and the original lubricated. The fire & ice are lubricated inside and out while the armor comes with a spermicidal lubricant. The ecstasy is larger than the regular condom and has a texture for added pleasure. The Magnum thin, on the other hand, is the thinnest of the Magnum line, has a tapered base and a slightly wider end.

For those looking for extra large sized condoms, Trojan has the Magnum XL considered to be the largest of the brand’s line. This is larger than the original Magnum condom and 30 percent bigger than the standard latex ones. It comes with a smooth lubricant for comfort and added pleasure.

Each Trojan condom goes through electronic testing to ensure its durability and reliability during every use. As it meets quality standards, users can be sure to stay safe and experience sexual pleasure every time. Every sexual experience needs to be comfortable in order for the partners to enjoy it. As such, getting the right size of condom is highly important.


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