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Knowing the Right Condom Size to Use

Condoms are very important to any adult. Teens and adults alike need them to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy and from getting the sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). With teen pregnancy a major issue that many parents are most concerned about, condom use proves a priority. Keep in mind that the age of puberty is a time when teenagers start to explore their sexuality. And although they are taught in school about the changes that occur in their bodies as well as on how a male and female can produce a baby even in their young age, some males can still be careless and not use any condom during their first sexual experience.

As for the full fledged adults, the single ones in particular can be sexually active and can have different partners from time to time. Without the proper protection, this behavior can put them at risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and even HIV that causes AIDS.

The condom then becomes an essential tool. But it doesn’t have to be any condom. Getting the right size of condom for you should be an important consideration as well.

The good news is that various sizes are available these days. There’s the standard, the small and the large size condoms. The standard often fits any penis but those endowed with a much larger size will benefit from using the bigger rubber protection as they may feel some discomfort at the tip when using a smaller sized one.

It’s important to note that the tip of the condom should be roomier because if not, there’s a chance of breakage during sexual intercourse. By having extra room at the tip, the user will feel more comfortable during ejaculation when the penis gets enlarged.

But know that brands also differ in the dimensions of their condom size. Some small may be the regular size for the other brand. Normally, the head part of the condom is the one that’s tight. This is to ensure that it does not slip during intercourse. The body part is stretchy in order to accommodate any penis size. This portion is also smaller than the head to keep it fit.

So the best thing to do to ensure that you find the appropriate size is to test it yourself. The condom is very cheap and as such, there’s no reason why you can’t do the testing first before determining the right size for you to use.


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