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Condoms & Their Dimensions

OKAMOTO CONDOMS: Beyond Seven 194mm 50 mm 0.05mm, Beyond Seven Studded 194mm 50 mm 0.05mm, Crown 190mm 55mm 0.046mm, Crown Assorted Colors 190mm 55mm 0.046mm. KIMONO CONDOMS: Microthin 185mm 53mm 0.055mm, Microthin Large 210mm 53mm 0.055mm. LIFESTYLES CONDOMS: Snugger Fit 160mm 49mm 0.07mm, Assorted Flavors 188mm 53mm 0.07mm, Dual Pleasure 190mm 52/74mm 0.07mm, Ultra Lubricated 186mm 54/62mm 0.07mm, Ultra Ribbed 188mm 52mm 0.08mm, Ultra Sensitive 190mm 52/67mm 0.07mm, Kiss of Mint 190mm 53mm/67mm 0.07mm, Tuxedo 190mm 52mm/60mm 0.08mm, Sheer Pleasure 190mm 52/67mm 0.06mm, Rough Rider Studded 186mm 53mm 0.1mm. TROJAN CONDOMS: Enz Lubricated 191mm 53mm 0.07mm, Extended Pleasure 200mm 52mm 0.07mm, Magnum 205mm 54/60mm 0.07mm, Magnum XL 205mm 54/65mm 0.07mm, Twisted Pleasure 200mm 52/65mm 0.07mm, Shared Pleasure 196mm 52mm 0.07mm, Ultra Thin 196mm 53mm 0.05mm, Her Pleasure 195mm 53/67mm 0.07mm. DUREX CONDOMS: Avanti 180mm 60mm 0.04mm, Enhanced Pleasure 200mm 52/60mm 0.06mm, Extra Sensitive 190mm 52mm 0.05mm, Extra Strength 190mm 52mm 0.1mm, Her Sensation 196mm 52mm 0.07mm, High Sensation 196mm 53mm 0.06mm, Maxium Love 205mm 52mm 0.06mm, Natural Feeling 190mm 52mm 0.07mm, Nonlubricated Natural Feeling 190mm 52mm 0.07mm, Performax 205mm 52mm 0.09mm, OTHER CONDOMS: Pleasure Plus 210mm 52/65mm na, Inspiral 190mm 53mm 0.09mm, Premium 205mm 52mm 00.7mm, Maxpro 205mm 52mm 00.7mm, Trustex 210mm 53mm na.


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