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Women Should Find Ways to Arouse Men

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Whispering in his ear arouses a manA relationship can only be successful if the two people involved communicate well their needs towards each other as often as possible. This applies to not just a simple love relationship but even in a sexual relationship. Although both men and women play an important role, the reality is that women are often the ones managing the relationship.

But there should be nothing negative about this because the fact is, when women initiate the sexual acts or even just the teasing part, the men love it as well. In this case, it would really be more advantageous to the woman if she finds better, if not the best, ways to ignite the romantic flame. Doing so would make your man love you even more and in the end, you keep your relationship. Married women should not hesitate to do this, too.

Lest many of you forget, it’s not bad for women to woo their men. Men actually feel the way women do and they too like to given importance. It makes a relationship exciting especially when you do acts like sending a suggestive note or email, dating him, buying his favorite music CD or giving him an unusual hug or passionate kiss once in a while.

Communicate your feelings and your pleasure. Men want to know that they’re satisfying their women so never fake as much as possible your pleasure. In other words, be honest and avoid your inhibitions. Just let go and feel the moment. Another way is to give him a little teaser on where you’d like to be touched and caressed. Or you can just led his hand on that special part of your body you’d like to have his hand on.

Have fun and be funny. It’s not always healthy to be serious all the time. Sometimes, we need a good laugh to enjoy our mate’s company. During lovemaking, it’s definitely okay to laugh at yourselves when something goes wrong. Being able to laugh together promotes intimacy, it takes off inhibitions and pressures and best of all, it results in great sex.

Avoid being judgmental at all times, if you can. A good relationship is usually the result of acceptance of each other’s flaws and weaknesses. This is what tenderness is all about. Commenting negatively on your partner demoralizes that person. So instead of saying some bad things about whatever your partner did, try to hold your tongue and instead be more affectionate, accepting and giving.

In line with this is utilizing the non-sexual touch in nurturing your relationship. Remember, it’s not always that you engage in intercourse in order to be intimate. Those special caresses and touches that you do are also fulfilling for your partner. You can do a massage for your man, run your fingers on his hair or face or hold his hand while kissing his fingers or palm.

Now, if you do all these techniques, you’d certainly gain the benefits. Keep in mind that a relationship goes beyond the physical as the psychological, visual and auditory senses also come into play. So, have a fun and improved sex life.

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