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Vasectomy and its Effects

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Vasectomy is the best solution to birth control for men.Vasectomy may be the best solution for men who no longer want to have children and want to enjoy sex without worries. This procedure is considered one of the most effective and permanent birth control methods with more men opting for it these days. It has gained popularity not only in the U.S. but in other countries as well including Great Britain.

Many studies have found that vasectomy offers more benefits to men. No negative effects were seen notably on sexual performance and frequency of sexual intercourse. Adverse psychological effects were rare in men who decided on the procedure together with their wives. If indeed there was any, psychosexual issues were attributed to already existing emotional problems, too much concern on masculinity, confusion regarding vasectomy and complaints after the procedure.

How Is A Vasectomy Performed

In a vasectomy, the vas deferens where the sperms originate from each testicle is cut, clamped or sealed. The procedure, which takes about 20 to 30 minutes, aims to prevent the sperm from mixing with the semen released from the penis during sexual intercourse. This, however, does not stop the testicles from producing sperm. What happens after vasectomy is that the sperm are reabsorbed by the body.

After the procedure, it would still be several months for all the sperm left to be ejaculated. During this time, it is advisable that men use another contraceptive such as the condom otherwise, they could still impregnate their partners. It is only when their semen sample test shows a zero sperm count should they be confident enough not to use other birth control methods.

Apart from the traditional surgery, there are now other techniques used to perform vasectomy with less pain. One uses only a clamp with pointed ends causing less bleeding, smaller hole in the skin and lesser complications. The other technique uses a Vasclip which locks close the vas deferens.

The Benefits Of Vasectomy

The top benefit of this procedure is achieving sexual freedom in the sense that a man no longer has to worry about unwanted pregnancy. This is a big relief to married men who can now enjoy their sexual relationship with their spouses. It has been found that most men who undergo vasectomy due to failure of other methods of birth control.

Another positive effect is that most couples feel an improvement in their sex life after the procedure. Those who reported sexual changes said their libido and frequency of intercourse slightly increased. Several studies have confirmed more than 99 percent satisfaction in their sex life.

Stronger marital bond was also a positive effect found by the experts. The Harvard Medical School reports that men who had vasectomy considered themselves healthier, less anxious without any regret about the procedure.

The female health is also improved especially for wives whose husbands have opted for vasectomy. Many men considered vasectomy over tubal ligation being a safer and simpler birth control method. For couples who understand the adverse effects of other contraceptives used by women, the vasectomy proves to be with less risks and more effective.

Overall, those who will benefit the most from vasectomy are couples involved in long-term and strong marital relationships, those who have decided not to have more children and those who underwent proper counseling and decided on the procedure without pressure. The procedure was also found to have been readily accepted by couples no longer comfortable with using other kinds of contraceptives including the condom.

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