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Trojan warriors once hid inside a horse waiting to sack the city of Troy in ancient days. Today our young people face a much more serious threat. AIDS, herpes, and a host of other life threatening as well as life ruining diseases wait at the end of every unprotected sexual encounter. The Trojan Brand sees this as a serious threat to our future as the youths of today are the future of tomorrow.

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Trojan horse of Troy Trojan has decided to promote condoms to the youth of America. Gaining popularity with the group of people that need protection most, our children. They've started this campaign by designing their website to be an interactive tool instead of just a market place. Through the use of Flash animation Trojan has designed a website that not only sells condoms but educates our children while they are online. It's this type of innovative thinking that just might keep our kids interested long enough to actually learn something about condoms and safe sex.

Trojan's Advertising Campaign

Trojan has launched a multimedia advertising campaign complete with television commercials, radio, and printed media all geared towards our youth. They have even gone as far as to promote and run commercials submitted by it's consumers. What better way to get people interested in a product other than to let them actually create the actual commercials. These commercials run on stations geared to our youth like the world famous MTV.

Trojan Condoms BrandTrojan has also introduced a new line of clothing aptly named TrojanWear. This line of clothing being worn by our young adults is gaining world popularity and fast becoming a way to get our kids to pay attention to more than just a condom brand. They see this gear worn by their peers, and slowly it is making it's way into mainstream of young Americans as well as the youth abroad. The philosophy is simple, monkey see monkey do. What better way to get kids to notice other than to make it cool to wear a condom.

The people at Trojan obviously see this as a way to bridge the gap between parents and kids. Up until recently, "condom talks" were usually reserved for father son moments when it was time to tell story of the birds and the bees. Let's face the fact that some parents were too embarrassed or didn't know how to start these conversations. Today there are more single moms who find it a bit embarrassing to sit down with their sons and have a talk about wearing a condom let alone discuss how to use them and where to get them.

Trojan Skeptics

Although some people label this as just Trojan capturing another target market, isn't this exactly what we are trying to do? Aren't we all trying to get our kids to wear condoms and practice safe sex while they are still disease free? If we can get kids to talk to kids about condoms have we not just added another valuable avenue to the prevention of STD's, AIDS and unwanted pregnancy?

If you need more information about Trojan condoms, or how to purchase Trojan products please call us toll free at 888-659-5808 during normal business hours EST. We would be more than happy to pass along any information we have about this company and the good work they are doing to protect our youth in the fight for safe sex.

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