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Swingers And The Swinging Lifestyle

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Swinging and the swingers lifestyle To some people the mere mention of sharing their partner sexually is enough to incite riotous behavior. To others, it stirs feelings of deep arousal, curiosity, and extreme excitement. The practice of swinging is often looked at as shameful and less than desirable behavior for a married couple yet each year more and more couples either investigate or actually dabble in the lifestyle.


So Why All The Taboo About Swinging?

While swinging is not illegal it is generally looked at as a sin in many religions. Married couples are supposed to remain monogamous in their relationship. Having sex with another person outside of the marriage is not what upstanding citizens should do. While it is perceived as cheating or adultery, swinging is neither. It is a conscious decision between two consenting adults who desire to explore another avenue of their relationship. Social norms and values are what has prevented the lifestyle from developing a better name in the community.

Various Stages & Levels Of Swinging

Swinging is generally something that develops over time within a relationship. Usually the couple is a bit more relaxed socially and therefore more able to interact with others on a sexual level. Hugging, kisses on the cheek, or a light pat on the ass occur between groups of couples who have grown close together over time. The behavior is accepted because everyone has grown comfortable within the group. As the situation progresses over time the developing relationship falls into one of the categories below:

  • Light Petting & Fondling - All parties are comfortable with touching, petting and casual tactile stimulation.
  • Same Room Sex - This is where one couple will have sex in front of another couple and vice versa. The only sexual activity is between the partners however the other couple is present watching or having sex themselves.
  • Oral Sex - The two couples actually perform oral sex on on each other with or without condoms. This is the first instance of sexual activity, other than petting, outside of the relationship but does not include intercourse.
  • Same Room Swap - Intercourse is now acceptable between all parties concerned, however all sexual activity must be performed in the presence of their respective spouses.
  • Full Swap - Only the fully qualified swingers allow full swap as this is where sexual intercourse is now allowed in separate rooms without the other spouse present.

There are other types of swinging however they are all simply variations of the categories listed above.

Could We Be Swingers?

Although the swinger lifestyle may sound intriguing, it is defiantly not for everyone. Countless marriages have been destroyed by swinging and the number one reason was jealousy. Jealousy is hard to get past even if one wants to do so. The memories of your spouse with another are long lasting and can eat away the ties that keep a marriage strong. Before swinging ask yourselves a question or two from the list below and keep track of your responses. More negative reactions is a sign that perhaps swinging might not be the right path for your relationship to travel.

  • Would I be mad if I saw another person kiss my spouse even if I knew my spouse didn't initiate the kiss?
  • Would I be mad if I saw my spouse enjoying a massage from someone else other than myself?
  • Do you get excited thinking about your spouse having sexual intercourse with another person?
  • How would you feel if your spouse wanted to stay longer than you did at another couples sex party?
  • How do you feel when you see your spouse dancing with another member of the opposite sex?
  • Would you enjoy seeing your partner receive pleasure during oral sex from another person?
  • How would you feel seeing a complete stranger at a swinger's club making advances towards your spouse?

If you are serious about swinging please read these questions over with your spouse and really discuss the answers carefully with each other as this is usually a good starting point to begin swinging.

If You're Interested In Swinging

If you are interested in learning more about the swinging lifestyle here are some places to start. Rent some XXX movies about wife swapping. Watch the movie and pretend you are one of the characters. Make note of how you feel during the different scenes and if you become a little upset watching your spouse with another person you probably should stay out of swinging.

Even the slightest bit of uneasiness should be an immediate warning sign to stay away from this lifestyle. In fact, just watching the movie should have brought on strong sexual urges and mild fantasy if you are truly and naturally ready to start your journey into swinging.

Often there are swingers clubs nearby or online websites that can direct you to the right place to start. Generally the clubs are the best place as there are genuine people to meet right there. Online meetings can often go wrong or never develop at all. If there are no clubs in your area you can join an online website and see if there are people in your area interested in meeting.

Swinging is a journey. Not everyone is comfortable right away and often takes a few meetings before the chemistry is right. Make sure to take it slow and at the first sign of discomfort or sadness make sure to abandon the plan and rethink the evening before another marriage falls ruin to swinging. If you do decide to swing insist that your partners all wear condoms and change them after each use with a person. Never wear the same condom from one woman to the next.

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