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Safe Sex Information: Chlamydia

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With the number of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) increasing worldwide, it is no longer safe to be promiscuous when it comes to sex. Prevention and protection are always the keys to engaging in safe sex. These are vital in today’s liberated world especially when each year, an estimated 15.3 million new cases of STDs are being reported.

To date, 25 sexually transmitted diseases have been identified and each has different symptoms. STDs are usually passed on from one person to another through sexual intercourse. Some have symptoms while the others are asymptomatic which means a person cannot detect whether he or she has contracted the disease. However, women are more frequently affected by these diseases compared to men.

Root causes

One of the most common STDs is known as Chlamydia. This is an infection caused by the trachomatis bacterium that affects the urethra, rectum and eyes in both men and women and the cervix in women. An infected person can transmit this disease via sexual intercourse and genital contact.

However, it’s important to note that even without penetration, Chlamydia can spread just by rigid petting or any contact with the genitals, mouth or anus of an infected person. The bacteria involved here can enter a person’s body through the eyes such as when one rubs his or her eyes with contaminated hands. In pregnant women who are infected, they can also pass the disease to their babies when giving birth. Other ways Chlamydia can spread is through the use of towels of an infected person or contact with doorknobs and toilet seats used by an infected person. 

Common symptoms

Chlamydia is not only commonly experienced by adults because teenagers are also susceptible. In fact, the cervix of young women is a common target of STDs.

This disease may not show symptoms at all similar to some STDs. But to be in the know, some symptoms of Chlamydia are liquid vaginal discharge, pain when urinating and when having sexual intercourse, pain in the lower stomach, bleeding or sometimes called spotting in between periods and mild fever. As for men, they may experience itching or burning sensations in their penis and discharge as well.


Since this disease may sometimes have no symptoms, it is advised that people doubting their health should consult a doctor. With no symptoms being experienced, it is only a doctor or a health clinic who can diagnose the presence of Chlamydia. This can be cured, though, with the use of antibiotics prescribed by a physician or health care provider.

If not treated immediately and properly, Chlamydia can cause serious infection such as the pelvic inflammatory disease or PID and fertility problems in the long run.

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