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The Mystery of Pheromones

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Pheromones and sexual attractionEver wondered what causes sexual attraction between men and women? The answer may just be in the pheromones. You may not have heard or learned about this before but yes, these have been found to play a significant role in the sex life of humans.

Pheromones are chemical substances that occur naturally in humans as well as animals. These are normally emitted by a body that is fertile which give a come-on signal to the opposite sex.

Origin Of Pheromones

It was in 1956 when the first pheromone was discovered as a powerful substance in sexual attraction for silkworm moths. In their study that took 20 years, a group of German researchers found a compound from the abdomen of some 500,000 female moths that attracted male moths and caused them to flutter their wings. The beating of their wings was a signal that the males had sensed the chemical they named “bombykol.”

Despite being a hot issue for debate for many years, it has been established that there’s a direct link between the pheromones and mating notably in animals. In sea urchins, for instance, research has shown that the release of pheromones transmits a message that eventually makes other urchins excrete their sex cells at the same time.

Role in humans

In humans, pheromones are not obvious most of the time. However, several studies have proven that they, too, affect the sex life as well as women’s menstrual cycles.

Biologist and behavioral endocrinologist Dr. Winifred Cutler co-discovered pheromones in human underarms in 1986 after studying women’s sexual life in the 1970’s. Her original studies found that women who had sex with men on a regular basis experienced regular menstrual periods compared to women who had sex occasionally. Dr. Cutlet and her team confirmed that with regular sex, women became more fertile and the pheromones played a vital role.

There’s more to the pheromones than its big role in sexual attraction between the opposite sex because they also play a part in the menstrual cycle. Women may be surprised to know that women who live with women or near other females actually affect the timing of each other’s menstrual period. And what may be the cause? Right, nothing else but this mysterious chemical substance called pheromones.

Martha McClintock discovered this when she conducted a study at the University of Chicago which exposed a group of females to the smell of perspiration from other women. The research found that the female subjects either hastened or slowed down their menstrual cycles based on the time the sweat was gathered.

Possible Use Of Pheromones

With the interesting findings of several studies, researchers are considering the idea of using pheromones in treating fertility and sexual problems of couples. These substances can also possibly improve the mood of a person thereby preventing depression and relieving stress.

But of course, the fact remains that pheromones have a powerful influence in attracting a mate. Although some people won’t admit it, an individual’s body odor actually plays a big role in sexual attraction. Haven’t you noticed that most women are magnetized to their partner’s armpits when sleeping together? That only shows that the pheromones are working.

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