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The Lifestyles Condom offers a sexual pleasure enhancer

So you've heard about Lifestyles Condoms. How do they compare to the other brands on the market today? Lifestyles produces many different types and styles of condoms such as Pleasure Tipped, Classic Collection, Ultra Sensitive, Sheer Pleasure to name a few but is that all they do is make condoms? The answer to that is no.

Lifestyles has a fine new line of products which combines the best of two worlds. Condoms and sexual pleasure enhancers. They call this line 4Play and it's doing quite well with those folks who would never have found themselves purchasing these goodies elsewhere. Now you can get a vibrating ring, warming massage oils, edible body dust, feather ticklers, body paints and a warming lotion all designed to maximize pleasure and provide safe sexual encounters for consenting adults.

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If your into something new, Lifestyles now offers a Sensual Gel which can be topically applied. This gel contains L-arginine, a natural amino acid that helps increase blood flow and Menthol which facilitates absorption of L-arginine through the skin. These two ingredients provide a way for women to achieve orgasm after multiple uses. Studies show that women love this product so much that they wanted to have sex every night!

Lifestyles Condoms BrandPerhaps you're one of those men who needs a little help lasting longer with your queen. Lifestyles offers a male enhancer designed with the highest level of L-arginine. This product recommended for extended use increases sexual function and cardiovascular health. Additionally it promotes prostate health using saw palmetto and zinc. knows how important prostate health can be and urges every man over the age of 45 to have his prostate checked for cancer by a licensed physician.

Lifestyles also offers a warming lubricant designed to lubricate and enhance the sexual experience with a warming sensation. Used by both men and women this product works well with all their condoms and can be used for that occasional solo-ride when the queen is out of town and you just can't wait any longer.

Lifestyles offers more than just condoms. So now you know that this company offers more than just an amazing line of condom products. If you need more information on any of the products we offer by Lifestyles please read our FAQs or contact our office Toll Free 888-659-5808 during normal business hours EST. We thank you for previewing this information about condom brands by Lifestyles.

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