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Increase Sexual Frequency

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When one is looking to increase their sexual frequency the following advice is critical. Simply follow these rules and watch your partner turn in to the sex machine you knew they could always be. It's simple really, treat each other like you did when you first met and keep the magic alive.

Tips For Having More Sex

Tips to increase sexual frequency among couples 1. Be nice, a positive creates a positive and a negative creates a negative. Compliment your partner in and out of the bedroom. Go out of your way to do something for your partner. Actions really do speak louder than words.

2. Dress well, it is easy to become complacent in a relationship, think as though you were dating for the first time, try to impress your mate with your appearance.

3. Exercise: being fit not only makes you look sexy, it makes you feel sexy and will increase your sex drive.

4. Foreplay: many people overlook the fact foreplay can really be the best part of sex! Take your time pleasing your partner, explore with each other, communicate send one another into Paradise.

5. Change up sexual location: I’m not just talking about the front door and the back door. Having sex in the same room, the same bed, week after week becomes routine. Be creative a kitchen counter, dinning room table, in front of the fire place. Consider weekend getaways nothing spices up your sex life like a new environment.

If you are not wearing condoms and are having sexual relations with multiple partners or having lots of casual sex the chances that you will get an STD is greatly increased. Protect yourself, your wallet, and your buddies and always wear a condom.

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