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Crown Condoms

We offer Crown sensitive thin condoms for extra pleasure

Crown Condoms are manufactured by the Okamoto company. Crown produces a skinless condom worn widely by actors in the XXX movies. The reason they're worn so frequently by these stars of the "blue movies" is simple. They are odorless and tasteless. As the we know, intercourse is not the only sexual act performed by these stars or his subjects. Oral sex is also another treat shared by actors as well as's customers. Using an odorless and tasteless condom allows these stars and you to enjoy the same sexual pleasure without a bad taste or smell left behind.

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Crown CondomsCrown condoms are also much thinner than standard condoms. They provide the maximum pleasure possible without compromising strength. Since strength is one of the major concerns of all condom wearers, these condoms are the favorites of the King's subjects who can play for a long time. Not only that but they are slightly wider and slightly longer than the average condom which makes it much easier to use our customers who are blessed with a longer and wider staff.

Crown Condoms are hailed as the closest thing to wearing nothing at all. They are the most widely reordered condom we carry. offers these condoms at a discounted price and urges all our customers to order this condom and give it a try, even if you already have a favorite. When you want protection and pleasure in an odorless and tasteless brand, Crown condoms are the ones to purchase.

If you need more information about Crown condoms we ask that you preview our FAQs section for more information or call our office Toll Free at 888-659-5808 during normal business hours EST. We are more than happy to provide you with any additional information you need about Crown Condoms or any of the other brands we carry.

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