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Condoms and Government

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Public health is a major subject that any government should focus on. Citizens of any country are entitled to benefit from the various programs offered for free or at very low cost. When an epidemic occurs, the government is always at the forefront to ensure that its people are protected. The same is true in the case of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and AIDS. In highly populated countries where there’s a high birth rate and where prostitution is prevalent, programs that promote constant condom use are in place.  

Governments around the globe are one in their belief that the use of condom is very effective in preventing the spread of infectious diseases and unexpected pregnancies. In countries that have a huge population and widespread cases of HIV and AIDS, governments are taking an active stance in promoting condom use in most sectors of society as much as possible. They can even go against the religious leaders who object to this protective product. The increasing number of HIV and AIDS cases in many countries has prompted government officials to actively campaign for the use of condoms among sexually active adults and teenagers. All their efforts are geared towards reducing the transmission of infectious diseases and averting unwanted pregnancies.

Countries that have greater budget are more fortunate in that they can afford to spend much on health education campaigns. It’s a good thing as well that some of these powerful nations are doing their share in helping those in the developing world fight the AIDS crisis.

Governments alone, however, won’t succeed in their campaigns without the support of other non-profit organizations. Partnership between the public and private sectors proves that two heads are better than one in combating the global AIDS epidemic. This vital partnership was recently shown in India where the Love Condom campaign was launched. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) USA and the Indian government are advocating the major role condoms use in preventing and controlling AIDS. Both also agree that the condom remains to be the most cost effective tool in preventing the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Amid all these health issues and apart from giving out free condoms to people, education is also of utmost importance. If people are not taught the proper way of using condom, for instance, these health campaigns against sexually transmitted diseases and on birth control will remain useless. It’s important to note that condoms are very effective in fulfilling their purposes when used in the right way.

Worldwide campaigns focusing on preventing HIV transmission and pregnancies should be consistent to achieve success. They should not be bias against race and religion but rather should be more objective going forward. Governments, for their part, should also be sincere in their efforts to promote public health and not just use these campaigns to further their political agenda. Overall, what counts most in these campaigns to use condoms and achieve its real purpose is to empower the people who are the real beneficiaries. In addition, a sustainable campaign is sure to bring success in the future.

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