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Liquid condoms for women prevent the spread of HIV Condoms have been known to be a solid thing. They are solid in the sense that they take up space and have weight. Condoms are made from various materials with the most popular today being the latex.

Perhaps, not many people had the slightest idea that the condom, considered the most effective birth control method, would ever be made into the liquid form. But there’s just no stopping the creative minds of scientists and yes, believe it or not, the liquid condom has become a reality.

With this newest innovation, surely many couples would be able to enjoy sex without much worry. There’s nothing to put on, no slippage, no mess, just pure fun and intimate sex.

Global project

The liquid condom, also known as a molecular condom, was created by American scientists from the University of Utah to protect women against HIV infection. The technology turns into a gel-like coating when inserted into the vagina and then returns to its liquid form when exposed to semen. It then releases an anti-viral drug to fight the HIV. The scientists, however, foresee the widespread use of this new type of condom in about eight years from now.

The project is in response to a global research effort to come up with the so-called microbicides or drug systems in the form of gels, rings, sponges or creams to avert HIV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Dr. Patrick Kiser, one of the researchers, said they are targeting to make this liquid condom more long lasting such that it could be used once daily or once a month. Initial tests have shown no significant side effects or discomfort. He added that the liquid aims to lubricate the vaginal cells and not be diluted by other fluids.

China's Version

The world’s highly populated country, China, meanwhile, has already introduced its first liquid condom to the public back in 2005. The nanometer-silver cryptomorphic condom or NCC was especially meant for female use.

The liquid condom comes in a can as an antiseptic foam spray that forms a physical membrane once inside the vagina to protect a woman from getting infectious diseases including those transmitted through sexual contact, pregnancy and to serve as a lubricant at the same time.

The anonymous manufacturer said to be in the Guangdong province claims the spray-in condom is effective in killing disease pathogens such as candida, coliform bacillus and staphylococcus aureus, among others. Additionally, the company says that the liquid condom can stay inside the vagina for quite some time without affecting the vagina’s chemical balance. In fact, when used on a daily basis, the product can help maintain genital hygiene and prevent infection caused by pathogens.

The product has been approved by China’s health and drug administration. Apart from China, Germany has manufactured its own liquid condom and the response has been positive.

Your Choice

With this new form of condom in place, which would you choose to use? The solid type or the traditional condom used by men which has proven its worth or the liquid form which is still in its early stage? Whatever you pick, be sure it’s for the best interest of you and your partner. But then again, there’s always no harm in trying out an innovative product which, later on, you may even like using.

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