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More Straight Couples Experiment With Anal Sex

Anal sex among women is up 100% in the last 15 years. Many attribute it to the growing popularity of pornography . Numerous books are being published on the anal sex topic. The Sinclair Intimacy Institute, a creator of sex education videos reports anal sex as one of their website most common keyword searches.

Anal Sex Books

  • "Master Class" Anal Sex has been published by erotic print society.
  • Anal Sex for couples: a guaranteed guide for painless pleasure.
  • "Ultimate Guide to anal sex for women" by Tristan Taormino.
  • Tristan Taormino's. "Expert Guide to Anal Sex"
  • Toni Brentley "The Surrender"

Condom Use Increasing in Africa

Condom News And Information About Anal SexAmid all the urgent warnings about the AIDS epidemic, researchers announce some good news young African women report they are increasingly using condoms. The data analyzed in 18 African countries, looking at changes in the sexual behavior and condom use in 132,800 Women, 15-24 years old. While abstinence rate changed little the study showed condom use more than tripled from 5.3% to 18.8%. Women make up 60% of adults infected with HIV in Africa. “If condom use continues or accelerates its bound to put a dent on HIV transmission” said a World Health Organization Spokes man.

Experiment Uses AIDS to Fight AIDS

In the United States – An AIDS Virus genetically engineered to fight other AIDS viruses worked better than expected, suppressing the Virus and renewing the immune systems of a few patients, scientist reported. This was a small study of 5 people such an approach needs years more study, they cautioned – but surprising results offer new hope for the field of gene therapy and for treating the fatal and incurable AIDS Virus.

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