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Myths About Condoms

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We have heard many different reasons why not to wear a condom. Every now and then a new reason pops upCondom myths about wearing condoms just as ridiculous as all the others but for the most part this is the TOP 10 List of reasons why people do not wear condoms. We want all our customers to remember one thing as they read through the list. For every reason on this list NOT to wear a condom, there are at least 3 excellent reasons one SHOULD wear one. Parents should be telling their children about condoms and dispelling these myths to their children.

  1. Condoms take away all the feeling. This might have been true when your grandfather was wearing them, but the condoms of today are made to enhance feeling and sensation. Today condoms are made of durable "ultra thin" materials and not only do they enhance the feeling but they also offer much more protection than those rubbers your pappy was wearing.
  2. Putting on a condom kills my erection. Although this myth might hold some truth for some people the vast majority of people can keep an erection for the 15 seconds it takes to throw on a skin. There are many ways to shave off some of that erection killing time it takes to apply a condom. For instance, open the package ahead of time. Place the rubber on the nightstand next to the bed before you begin intercourse. Have your partner apply the condom. This usually adds to arousal and keeps that erection just like you need it.
  3. Condoms last forever in your wallet. Not! Condoms have a shelf life just like food or other dated products. Additionally, condoms left in wallets tend to dry up, get brittle and break during application or usage. Not only is this myth ridiculous it is dangerous for all parties involved. Using a condom that could possibly break is like jumping out of a plane with an antique parachute.
  4. Condoms are hard to find. Once again this might have been true when Abe Lincoln was president but definitely not now. Condoms can be found in any drug store or pharmacy, bathrooms in nightclubs, online condom sales, and in some convenient stores. There is absolutely no reason why you should not be able to find a condom if you want to find one.
  5. Condoms are against my religion. The catholic church denounces the use of birth control, however they also state that procreation should be the only purpose for intercourse. We all know that sex happens before marriage, and we all know that not wearing a condom can cause death. Remember, one of the 10 commandments is "thou shalt not kill". See Condoms & Religion
  6. Condoms cost too much. Are you kidding? What costs more, a condom or years of herpes treatment medicine. A condom or a coffin. A rubber or a kid? A prophylactic or 18 years of child support. If you are one of those folks who thinks a condom costs too much, maybe you should stick to masturbation, it's cheaper than going on a date.
  7. I'm allergic to condoms. Many condoms are made of latex and it is estimated that between 1% and 3% of the population is allergic to latex. The stats grow for those who work with latex daily or have had many operations earlier in life. Even though the latex allergy is real, this is still no reason to not wear a condom. Rubbers are now also made of polyurethane and are just as safe and effective as latex.
  8. I cant find one that fits. If you are one of those guys that's either way too big or too small for the average size condom relax. There's now a condom made especially for you guys. These condoms can be found in any store, online, and sometimes even in that back room bathroom.
  9. I don't like them as they cramp my style. If you think wearing a condom cramps your style just wait until midnight feedings, or even worse you catch a disease like AIDS or Herpes. These two very common and completely preventable diseases will cramp your style in ways you can't even imagine. Get real, and wear a condom.
  10. I just pull out. If this is not the most ridiculous reason not to wear a condom we have no idea what is. So you just might avoid pregnancy with this method but you're only addressing half the issues. Pregnancy and DISEASE are the two main reasons to wear a condom. If you're only worrying about pregnancy you're missing the other half of the picture.

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