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Is Circumcision Good or Bad

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The thought of having a son circumcised sometimes scares parents. Growing children about to undergo circumcision have their own fears as well. But is it really needed? Are there any negative effects if a boy or a man is not circumcised throughout his life? These are some of the questions boggling the minds of mostly mothers and wives.

Circumcision and its effectsTradition is normally the major reason why many parents want their sons circumcised. They believe that since their grandparents and parents followed the custom, they should pass it on to their kids as well.

Other parents opt for circumcision so that their sons, later on in their life, will have a feeling of belongingness. In other words, they want to avoid their male children developing a feeling of insecurity especially when they observe later on that their penis is different from the other guys.

Some parents, though, believe that removing the foreskin will only cause irritation and narrow the penis’ opening. Without the foreskin, they argue that sexual pleasure later in life will no longer peak.

The medical procedure

Circumcision is said to be one of the oldest surgical procedures in medicine. The procedure is aimed at removing the foreskin or the skin that covers the end of the penis to expose the glans and the urethra. It takes only a few minutes whether the procedure is done on a newborn baby boy or an older boy.

Infant boys that are healthy can be circumcised without need for anesthesia. For older boys, anesthesia is already required. A dressing stays on the penis for about four days after circumcision. Also, it is normal that the tip of the penis will have some yellow discharge or coating within a week after the procedure.

It’s very rare that problems will occur afterwards. But just so you know, some negative signs that could possibly occur would be difficulty in urinating within four to six hours after the circumcision, the foreskin being cut too short or too long, bleeding and redness around the tip of the penis after three to five days.

The advantages

There have been many studies on the medical benefits of circumcision. The procedure, according to scientific research, lowers the risk of getting a urinary tract infection or UTI notably for newborn babies. It also prevents foreskin infection that may occur between the ages of three and five.

For circumcised males, cancer of the penis is a rare occurrence. Additionally, research has confirmed a lower risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases among males who had undergone circumcision.

Phimosis or what is known as the narrowing of the opening of the penis is likewise prevented with circumcision. Another advantage is that genital hygiene is easily achieved with the procedure.

In sexually active males, it is, however, important to use protection especially the condom when engaging in casual sex. Remember, that he penis may be powerful but without the condom, it could still be a medium for getting sexually transmitted diseases.

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