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In these times when numerous infectious diseases are around us, one really has to be more responsible with his or her actions. One wrong move and you could put your health or another person’s health at risk. This holds true when it comes to people’s sexual life.

With the HIV that causes AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases still around, adults and even teenagers need to arm themselves with the proper protection. What else is best to use to keep yourself from being infected but the ever effective condom. The use of condom, however, should be coupled with the right attitude.   

Condoms have been proven to be very reliable when it comes to preventing pregnancies and the transmission of infectious diseases but only when properly used. Users, therefore, should be extra cautious and be more responsible in their sexual relationships.

Choosing the best brands of condoms can also guarantee your protection all throughout the sexual intercourse. Various brands, types and sizes of condoms are available today on the market that it can get a bit confusing when choosing what ideal product to use. Being aware of these brands and assessing your personal preference is the right step to take.

Crown condoms are Japan’s pride and one of the most popular brands worldwide. With its light pink shade and super thin latex material, this type of condom makes any user feel natural as if he’s wearing nothing at all. Crown is often referred to as the skinless skin.

The Trojan brand is the best seller in the United States known for its quality product. It has various sizes, designs, lubrication and variants that will suit every need. Currently, adults have more than 29 varieties of this brand of latex condoms to choose from.

Durex is also a leader in condom manufacturing and is known for its continuous research on latex and polymer materials. This brand offers a variety of sizes, materials, colors and scents suited for different types of users.

The Lifestyles brand is famous for its very thin material and different styles. If offers the ribbed, colored, small or snugger fit, large and flared head condoms. It is the only brand that uses non-latex materials such as polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms that come with spermicidal lubricants for added protection.

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